Attention: Women and Men who struggle every night to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep..

"Finally an effortless way to stop tossing and turning every night & to get the good night's sleep you always wanted.."

Change your sleep patterns so you fall asleep naturally and easily every night..

Dear friend,
Do you often lie in bed at night struggling to fall asleep?
And does any of this sound familiar?

  • As soon as you lie in bed you find your mind races and your anxieties surface. You start imagining unpleasant future
    scenarios or replaying past events.
  • When you finally DO fall asleep, your sleep isn't restful and restorative. You still wake up tired and fuzzy, and feeling
    like you didn't get much sleep at all
  • You're irritable and grumpy during the day, and crave a nap. You have difficulty concentrating at times. Some days, even minor things feel like huge mountains and can overwhelm you.
  • You rely on prescription, or over-the-counter drugs and other artificial sleep aids in spite of their harmful side effects...and these only worsen your sleep patterns. You never get the healthy and untroubled sleep you deserve.
  • You also spend a significant amount of money on drugs and artificial stimulants like coffee to keep yourself going. Not to mention that your not at your best-- having low energy is costing you opportunities
  • When you do finally fall asleep from exhaustion, you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and then not being able to fall asleep for hours
  • Since you aren't getting enough deep restorative sleep, your body is consistently tired and fatigued.
  • You've tried several relaxing music and sleep programs to help you fall asleep-- only getting temporary relief; however they have not helped you change your long-term sleep habits for the better.

"It puts you in a deep sleep, you wake up the next morning very refreshed..I feel so much better!" I just wanted to share with you that I downloaded the CD, & I have been using it ever since, for little over a week now I have been using it every night. And it puts you in a deep sleep, you wake up the next morning very refreshed & I love it. I feel so much better. I have been able to concentrate more on my work and to start earlier in the morning after I get my exercise done. It's awesome, & I think everybody can benefit from it. Donna Brogan

Why is Good Sleep important?

Because we lead such busy lives, we tend to forget that Sleep is not merely the opposite of effort or activity. Sleep is in fact the source, and is energetic nourishment for all that we want to accomplish.

During sleep, the body is flooded with hormones that cause relaxation and slow down the organ systems, allowing our organs to regain their strength and to heal. Sleep time is when our immune system is able to fortify our bodies. During normal sleep cycles, the brain has the opportunity to process information at different vibratory levels. Dreaming is one of our primary mechanisms for clearing the stress and unprocessed emotions of the day. Many studies now demonstrate that a significant proportion of our physical and mental ills start with our unhealthy relationship to sleep and rest.

Each of the sleep stages and complete sleep cycles is essential to a normal night of healthy sleep. Sleep deprivation studies indicate it is important that we spend sufficient time in each stage during our sleep. For instance when we are deprived of REM sleep, there are serious side effects, such as irritability, loss of ability to learn and recall information, and sometimes hallucinations.

When we are deprived of sleep we tend to turn to drugs or to artificial sleep aids. However the use of drugs and artificial sleep aids tends to dramatically lowers the brain frequency in to a sleep state that is unnatural and unhealthy, and to keep it there much of the night. You lose the normal rhythms of your sleep cycles and are deprived of the restorative REM stage of sleep. This pattern is made worse when you need to rely on amphetamines or other stimulants in the morning to get going again.

Repeated loss of sleep affects all areas of your life: the physical, mental, and emotional. Among the many reasons for getting a good night's sleep are because sleep is essential for restoring each of your body systems, your motor and cognitive functions, conserving energy, consolidating memory, brain development (the reason why infants spend such a long while in REM sleep), and discharging emotions through dream cycles.

"I haven't managed to hear it through, because I keep falling asleep!" I have a problem with Johneal's natural sleep CD - I haven't managed to hear it right through yet because I keep falling asleep! In fact I seem to be falling asleep within a few minutes of his soothing voice starting, even though my mind has been overloaded with thoughts just before I go to bed. I am sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed in the morning. Highly recommended for a sound night's sleep. Michelle M. Melbourne, Australia Michelle Mayur

You see it's not your fault that you continue to sleep poorly. Many of us approach sleep as something we have to attempt or accomplish, rather than something that happens naturally. In addition, we live in a stressful society, where it hard to relax and fall sleep. Finally, many of the available sleep aids and relaxation programs, do not address or shift your conditioned patterns and anxieties about sleep. Your conditioned thoughts about sleep are controlled by your subconscious mind.

Finally, the Sleep Solution you have been looking for..The Natural Night Sleep Program

The Natural Night Sleep Program is designed so that you will fall asleep easily by simply listening to the recording. As you go to bed, you will:

  • Be guided you to quieten your mind, relax your body and drift in to a deep sleep within 20 minutes of lying in bed every night. With regular listening, you'll fall asleep faster and your sleep cycles will deepen.
  • Enjoy a whole night of deep sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised. You will re-engage your body’s natural sleep and waking rhythms.
  • Unwind and enjoy beautiful ethereal ambient music by award winning ambient Canadian artist Marcomé . Hypnosis suggestions are spoken with this enchanting music in the background.
  • Give up struggling through days of being listless and tired due to a poor night’s sleep. (Poor sleep also costs you time, money and lost opportunities by preventing you from being fully present each day). By guiding you into a deep night’s sleep the recording enables rejuvenation and allows you to enjoy high daytime energy levels and focus - you'll be free to create a day of your choice rather than dragging yourself through the day's activities.
  • Enjoy restful sleep throughout the night, so that you can consistently be at your best and feel revitalised and vibrant through your day.
  • Be guided to clear your mind, release the mental chatter, and relax your body completely so you effortlessly drift off to sleep. You will sleep deeper throughout the night.
  • Be confident about falling asleep quickly if you should awaken during the night for any reason.
  • Develop new sleeping habits and beneficial patterns that work for you... through suggestions delivered to your sub-conscious mind even as you fall asleep.
  • Finally give up having to rely on sleeping aids or drugs. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs give you a fake sleep and do not clear your mind; they cover up the problem without getting to the heart of it. Yes, you may be semi-sleeping, but you're not really getting natural sleep and all the helpful benefits that come from regular deep sleep.
  • Learn the correct breathing technique so both your mind and body quickly relax and are ready to fall asleep. Few people breathe correctly when preparing for sleep and by itself this breathing technique will significantly improve the quality of your sleep
  • Enjoy significant health and energy benefits from changing your sleep habits and allowing your body to get the deep restorative sleep it needs

"The quality of my sleep is so much better each time I listen" Because of a serious health condition, my sleep patterns were highly disrupted and I was unable to get more than 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep at a time, as a result I was in a state of constant fatigue. When I listened to your Sleep CD the first couple of times I slept better than I had ever done before . Since then I have been getting between 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, the quality of my sleep is also so much better each time I listen . Mary McQueen, UK Mary McQueen

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You're probably thinking "This is Great! Johneal, how am I going to get my hands on this program?"

I am glad you will receive:

  • A recording that is available for immediate download, which you can listen to tonight.
  • A professionally recorded, mastered and produced session, using state-of-the-art recording technology
  • A recording that is safe, enjoyable and wholly natural, for everyone in your family. The recording does not include
    artificial or engineered sound frequencies.
This sounds fantastic but how much is it going to cost me?

That's a good question. Before I answer, I have a couple of questions for you. How much is getting a good night's rest worth to you, in terms of your health and peace of mind? Have you thought about how much it costs you to not be at your best, simply because you are not getting the sleep you need and deserve every night?

Take a minute and think about how much money you may be spending on prescription or over-the-counter sleep medication.(Not to mention the cups of coffee you have to have to keep yourself awake and keep yourself productive) you have problems with an afternoon lag and having to get an afternoon pick-up where you have to go and get a cup of getting a good night sleep that’s one of the things you will not need think about how much money you are spending on drugs and artificial stimulants, these costs by themselves would add up to a lot more than the $9.95 you need to spend on the Natural Night Sleep Program.

In fact, I want everyone who needs a good night's sleep to be able to easily afford this advanced hypnosis tool to positively change your sleep habits and in the process, to enjoy more energy, dynamism and vitality in your life. I've spent a lot of time to perfect the system and as a result the Natural Night Sleep Program is one of the most effective and enjoyable sleep recordings you can use today... and available at a price that offers terrific value.

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But that's not all! I am also willing to throw in these extremely VALUABLE bonuses:
Bonus #1

A Guide to Better Sleep (36 page e-book) A perfect complement to the Hypnosis recording, the Guide highlights and invites you to shift the specific areas where you may be resisting the natural onset of sleep. Through a system of seven Keys that encourage simple changes in the way you approach sleep, the guide helps reinforce and deepen the benefits you will receive from listening to the hypnosis session.

A Guide to Better Sleep
Bonus #2

Abundant Energy Practices - 7 Steps to Increasing your Energy (35 page e-book) Shift your physical, emotional, and mental energy to higher levels, enjoy better health and vitality and consistently perform to your optimal potential. Create your own daily Abundant Energy practice with the help of the strategies and steps shared in this special report.

Abundant Energy Practices
Bonus #3

How to Remember and Learn from Your Dreams - (25 page special report) Your dreams send you valuable messages and guidance every night. Through this special report you learn to tune in to guidance, and to uncover and understand the wisdom of your dreams.

remember and learn from your dreams

More Testimonials

"As someone who suffers from insomnia, I am thrilled to find this Natural Sleep CD" As someone who suffers from insomnia, I am delighted to find this Natural Sleep CD. I downloaded the sleep program to my Kindle and listened to it at bedtime. I'm thrilled to say I was able to fall asleep easily. I like the fact that it's a natural remedy and effortless! Jennifer Akers

"I listened to your sleep recording! I was away from home and a little stressed. It was great, I listened to it and fell asleep quite early. It was really good, I'll definitely use it again."

Lynn Wooley

"The Natural Night Sleep Program is a blessing. This high quality program has helped me recover from a period of sleep deprivation, and has also been an excellent outlet. I have experienced a greater level of relaxation, patience, and well-being. I am grateful to have this wonderful resource. Thank you."

Eric Slone

" I was away this weekend, in Dorset (my happy place!), and had been discussing with my Nanna the benefits I had experienced from the hypnosis last year. I am sleeping a lot better after several years of struggling with insomnia. Thank you again,

Kate Forster "

"I just listened to the recording for the first time. Wow! That is some powerful stuff! I look forward to seeing how productive and focused I am after a few days of that! My "inbox" might just get cleared of it's current 1025 unread emails. I will be sure and send you a resounding "all clear" as soon as it gets done, so you can celebrate with me."

Krista Abott

"Update from Krista about a couple of weeks later-Hi Johneal, Thought I’d pop back in to give you an update on the e-mail inbox. When I last posted here, I had over 1200 unread emails in my inbox. I am happy to report that I am down to 147! :-) Yay! Thanks for your great session!"

Krista Abott

"I downloaded your hypnosis session, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the relaxation I was able to create on your instruction and the positive thoughts and feelings that it inspired are very empowering. Thank you so much for this valuable tool. Thanks again,"

Dawn Cook

" I downloaded your mp3 and listened to it right way. (This is amazing coming from someone who never takes time to relax.) I can’t thank you enough. I definitely got to “that” state. Wow! Your recording is so powerful. I will integrate this is into my daily routine and encourage my team to do so as well. Thank you for this amazing session!

Christine McIvor"

" Johneal, What an amazing recording! There are so many pitfalls in toeing the line time wise. Can't wait to incorporate it into my daily activities. Thanks so much!


" Thank you for the hypnosis track ~ I Loved it. Not only do you have a great voice, but the words you chose and the music/ sounds had me deeply relaxed yet focused.

B Allen"

" I think the recording is great. I am going to use it for 30 days. Thanks! "

Beverly Monical

" Hi Johneal, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but partly your fault as now having increased energy, fewer periods of anxiety and generally less stressed, I have increased my work load and activity levels substantially! Best Wishes

Peter K"

Disclaimer - The information shared on this site is shared in good faith and the owner has taken steps to verify all information is correct at the time of publishing. Results of using the program may vary from person to person, and a warranty is not made that the results you receive will be similar to the feedback shared by the users on this page.

Beautiful relaxing ambient music by Marcomé

The recording includes two tracks -- Librarsi and Memoria -- from the album Seven Seas by Canadian recording artist Marcomé, who is the premiere and award winning Ambient New Age female vocalist and songwriter. The hypnosis suggestions are overlaid, as you enjoy the relaxing music. “Marcome is meditation for the troubled mind. Her voice heals and her melodies lay a sweet salve over hearts and souls challenged by the tumultuous here and now.” Lonn Friend, author, Los Angeles

"I really liked it, the music is different and interesting!" I tried your cd yesterday. I really liked it. The music you have chosen is different from your usual sleeping aid cd which is interesting. Abel Cavero

My Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee Assurance to You

Guarantee 1: QUALITY - If for any reason you don't absolutely love The Natural Night Sleep Program, simply email me at any time in the next 60 days and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. Plus I will insist you keep all the bonus gifts for free just for trying this out. Guarantee 2: RESULTS - Simply listen to the program for several nights in a row, and if you do not experience deep sleep either during or immediately after the session, again simply email me at any time in the next 60 days and you will receive a 100% refund.

What you will receive when you buy the breakthrough Natural Night Sleep Program
  • A 3 track mp3 recording that will help you effortlessly release the day's stress, clear your mind, relax your body and then drift into a deep and restful sleep. Suggestions addressed to your subconscious mind which that allow you to create new sleep patterns and consistently sleep well, night after night
  • A Guide to Better Sleep - eBook. This Guide complements the sleep recording and will help reinforce and deepen the benefits you receive from listening to the recording.
  • 2 Additional Bonus Special reports - 'Abundant Energy Practices' and 'How to Understand and Learn from your Dreams'
  • Hypnosis recording includes beautiful relaxing music by Award winning Canadian ambient New Age musician Marcomé , with hypnotic suggestions overlaid to guide you to sleep
  • A professionally recorded, mastered and produced session
  • Your Mp3 tracks and Bonus reports can be downloaded immediately, so you can listen tonight

Ready to get started?
Yes, Johneal! I want to transform my sleep patterns for the better with the Natural Night Sleep Program , and I can't wait to get started!

Option 1 -Natural Night Sleep Program -mp3 download

I understand for a limited time the Natural Night Sleep Program is only $9.95 and includes:

  • One (1) downloadable mp3 with 3 separate tracks
  • Track Titles - Introduction, Enter in to Silence, Time for a Dream

Plus Bonus Special Reports

  • A Guide to Better Sleep
  • Abundant Energy Practices
  • How to Remember and Learn from your Dreams

I also understand that I'm covered by your 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If I'm not happy for any reason, I just need to let you know within 60 days
and I'll get a full refund.

Natural Night Sleep Program -mp3 download

Special Limited Time deal: $9.95

Your order will be processed on secure servers.

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Option 2 - Natural Night Sleep Program - Physical CD + Digital Download

I understand I can choose to have a physical CD of the Natural Night
Sleep Program
shipped to me, and this option includes:

  • The Digital Downloads and Special Report Bonuses
    as in Option 1, so I have immediate access, PLUS
  • A Physical CD in uncompressed high quality Audio CD format
    shipped to me

I also understand that I'm covered by your 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If I'm not happy for any reason, I just need to let you know within 60 days
and I'll get a full refund.

Physical CD + Digital Downloads

Special Limited Time deal: $12.95

(plus shipping and handling costs based on your location)

Your order will be processed on secure servers.

I look forward to sharing the program with you.

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Your's Warmly,

Ps: Don’t let another day go by, without giving yourself the health and re-energising benefits of great sleep by grabbing the Natural Night Sleep Program at the special offer price of $9.95. Your health and peace of mind is far too important to miss this opportunity!

Ps: With the 60 day 100% refund guarantee available with your purchase, you have absolutely no risk and only increased vitality and great sleep to gain!